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FORT FUN Abenteuerland – dein Freiheitpark!


Whiz downhill on the toboggan run, enjoy being in the water in the Rio Grande, glide like a bird through the air in the Wave Swinger and experience the great Western show with Sheriff Fuzzy. These adventures are only to be had in FORT FUN! The leisure park near Bestwig in the Sauerland region offers a unique combination of activity and relaxation, with unusual rides in the picturesque mountain landscape and impressive shows at a very family-friendly price. The absolute highlights include the “Trapper SLIDER”, which with its 1.3 kilometres is the longest toboggan run in a leisure park in Europe, and the “WILD EAGLE”, a hang-gliding machine with which you fly downhill at over 80 km/h.

The highlight of the 2015 season is the newly opened indoor area, “FoXFort”, with the first action-packed attraction, the “FoXDome”, an interactive XD Motion Ride from TRIOTECH, which takes visitors on a breathtaking 7D adventure. Also, special animals such as the coypu, Jakob sheep and lamas have found a new home in the park and are a real hit with kids. Naturally, there are also plenty of classic rides, and visitors can enjoy the newly revamped and renovated “Rio Grande” Rapid River. The popular “Sheriff Fuzzy” makes sure that law and order are maintained in the FORT FUN western town, whom guests can experience live throughout the season in the “Santa Fé Express” western show.

The FORT FUN adventure park has been in existence for 43 years now. One attraction for visitors is the unique combination of unusual rids and the idyllic location in the Sauerland mountains, not far from the Ruhr Area. “The mixture makes the difference,” explains Christine Schütte, marketing manager of the park. “Here, visitors experience a variety of rides - some of them with a spectacular connection with the mountain slope - as well as entertaining shows, while at the same time enjoying the relaxed atmosphere in a great natural setting. Here in the park, stress is left outside the gates, which is what makes FORT FUN a highly popular destination, particularly for family outings.”

At the start of the 2015 season, the new indoor area, “FoXFort”, was opened, with the first attraction, the “FoXDome”, an interactive XD Motion Ride created by TRIOTECH. With 7D effects, up to 16 visitors are taken on an action-packed adventure - literally becoming part of an exciting video game. Equipped with 3D glasses and laser pistols, the guests can hit targets live, with the challenge being intensified with additional wind and sound effects. The points scored by all the players are recorded, so that after this experience, they can check how well they have done. The attraction is suitable for families with children at least one meter tall, and is a particular highlight for teenagers and young adults, too.

In 2015, the leisure park also aims to offer something new for younger guests, and FORT FUN is now home to special animals such as coypus, large German hares, lamas and Jakob sheep. “Many of our visitors missed seeing animals in our park,” Christine Schütte explains. “With organised feeding times and a supervised petting zoo, the two- and four-legged animals are easily visible for our guests and contribute to the relaxed, familiar atmosphere in our park.” The beavers and other animals are well cared for, by none less than the park hero himself, “Sheriff Fuzzy”.

Naturally, the classic rides also haven’t been forgotten. While in 2014, it was the “SpeedSnake” roller coaster that was given a new, shiny look and a general makeover, this year, visitors can look forward to a complete renovation and enhancement of the Rapid River “Rio Grande”, which has been a part of the park since 1995. “We want to bring new ideas to the park, while at the same time not forgetting our history,” managing director Andreas Sievering explains. To celebrate this in a suitably worthy manner, the “Mexican Nights” will be shown around the Rio Grande for the first time on 21 and 22 August. This is a colourful, Mexican festival with jolly music, fiery cuisine, fruity drinks and extended opening hours until 10 pm.

When it comes to shows, the leisure park has the famous hero, “Sheriff Fuzzy”, who makes sure law and order are kept in the western town, while entertaining the visitors. In the atmospheric western show in and on the “Santa Fé Express” western train, with a great deal of humour and slapstick, the FORT FUN visitors can experience up close throughout the 2015 season how Fuzzy attempts to conquer his adversary “Doc Smith”.

This year, all the park characters can be seen in the new puppet theatre, and the funny adventures of Funny Fux Jr. and Moose can be followed live.

Another highlight of the leisure park is the “Trapper SLIDER”: Europe’s longest toboggan run in a leisure park guarantees 1.3 kilometres of fun riding on a steep downhill slope, with whirligigs, jumps and plenty of waves. The “WILD EAGLE” has equally high speeds on offer. Guests travel downhill over a stretch of 700 meters, at a speed of 80 km/h - and it feels like flying. For anyone preferring to spend the day in a more relaxed way, there’s Europe’s highest altitude Ferris wheel, with a great view over the park and the surrounding Sauerland mountain and forest landscape.

With its Halloween event, “FORT FEAR Horrorland”, the park offers something special on 17, 24, 30 and 31 October, with extended opening hours until 10 pm. The Halloween programme ranges from family-friendly, funny-creepy activities to really scary attractions. While younger visitors can spend time carving pumpkins, among other things, real horror fans can uncover the dark secrets surrounding the main Halloween character, “Jackie Moon”, in unique horror attractions. “However, simply experiencing the park in itself and the attractions in darkness is always something special for our visitors,” Christine Schütte says. On the numerous floodlit rides, visitors can enjoy the special Halloween atmosphere in the park.

Anyone wanting a special extension to their FORT FUN visit can stay at the “Davy Crocket Camp” in the woods next to the park. Without Internet or TV, even an overnight stay in the classic Canadian block houses becomes an adventure. Here, a beach volleyball ground and a small football pitch also offer fun outside the FORT FUN opening hours.

Ticket typePriceOther price
Mini (children below 4 years of age and a body height up to 90 cm)Free
Child (90 to 150 cm body height)22,50 €
Adults (body height 150cm and above)28,00 €
Guest aged 60 and above (with ID card)22,50 €
Birthday child (up to and including age 12 on their birthday, with ID card)frei
70% disability and above (with disabled ID)14,50 €
Wheelchair users and blind guestsfrei
Annual ticket, adult (aged 18 and above)59,50 €
Annual ticket, child (aged up to 18)53,50 €

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